Successful Settlement Following Bladder Injury

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Orpen Franks Solicitors secures substantial settlement for Plaintiff following tear to her bladder during the course of caesarean section

The Plaintiff in this matter was a first-time mother who underwent a caesarean section in a regional maternity Hospital. During the course of that procedure, the Plaintiff suffered a 15cm tear to her bladder. Further surgery had to be carried out to repair the tear and as a result of same, the Plaintiff had to have a urinary catheter and two drains in situ. Whilst the drains were removed a number of days later, the catheter had to remain in place for over three weeks. During this time, the Plaintiff experienced significant pain and discomfort, had limited mobility and had great difficulty caring for and feeding her baby. The Plaintiff suffered distress, stress and anxiety as a result of her physical injuries and she was unable to return to work for three months after her maternity leave ended.

Orpen Franks’ Medical Negligence Department investigated the matter and obtained expert evidence which confirmed that it was unacceptable for the Plaintiff’s treating doctor to have made such a large hole in the Plaintiff’s bladder during the course of delivery. Proceedings were issued on the Plaintiff’s behalf and the case was fully defended by the Hospital. In advance of the trial of the action, the Plaintiff and her legal team were invited to attend settlement negotiations and the case was successfully settled for a substantial amount.

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