Substantial Settlement Achieved for Plaintiff Following Delivery

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Substantial Settlement Achieved for Plaintiff who Suffers from Sepsis and Undiagnosed Third-Degree Tear Following Delivery

Orpen Franks Solicitors are delighted to secure a substantial settlement for Plaintiff who suffers from sepsis and undiagnosed third-degree tear.

The Plaintiff in this matter attended a regional maternity Hospital for antenatal care when she became pregnant with her second child. The Plaintiff delivered a healthy baby by way of an assisted delivery and an episiotomy. The episiotomy wound was repaired after delivery and the Plaintiff remained in hospital for monitoring. Following discharge, the Plaintiff experienced significant pain and discomfort at the site of her episiotomy wound and was brought to another Hospital. The Plaintiff was diagnosed as suffering from a formidable infection and a breakdown of her episiotomy repair. She remained in Hospital for a further 22 days, enduring significant and severe pain as a result of the infection.
The Plaintiff approached Orpen Franks’ Medical Negligence Department just before her potential claim was about to become statute barred. Proceedings were issued on her behalf and a report was obtained from an Expert Obstetrician who was critical of the Hospital’s failure to examine the Plaintiff prior to her discharge from Hospital. The Plaintiff’s Expert also noted that she had ongoing incontinence issues and he highlighted that if the Plaintiff had a specific defect in the external anal sphincter then this was a defect which should have been identified and repaired at the time of delivery. Further reports were obtained which confirmed the nature of the Plaintiff’s sphincter injury and that the failure to identify the same at the time of delivery and then to repair it, constituted substandard care. The expert evidence obtained on the Plaintiff’s behalf confirmed that had the Plaintiff been appropriately treated at the time of delivery then her sphincter injury would have been repaired and she would have been treated with broad spectrum antibiotics. A Microbiology expert confirmed that treatment with antibiotics would have been effective in preventing the Plaintiff’s infection and the breakdown of her episiotomy repair.

The Plaintiff suffered significant physical and psychological injuries. Once her undiagnosed sphincter injury was identified during the course of her case, arrangements were made for her to undergo further surgery in the UK. Liability was ultimately admitted by the Hospital in advance of the trial date and the case was successfully settled during the course of mediation.

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