Settlement Following Undiagnosed Hysterectomy Injury

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Orpen Franks Solicitors secure apology and a significant six figure settlement for Plaintiff following undiagnosed ureteric injury during the course of hysterectomy

The Plaintiff in this matter was a 48-year-old lady who underwent a laparoscopic hysterectomy at a regional Hospital. Subsequent to that procedure, the Plaintiff suffered from abdominal pain, distension and pyrexia as a result of which she re-attended the Hospital where she underwent diagnostic testing. Thirteen days after her surgery, the Plaintiff discovered that her ongoing symptoms were caused by reason of the fact that during the course of surgery, her ureter was completely transacted leading to the uncontrollable leakage of urine into her peritoneal cavity.

The Plaintiff underwent further surgery, spending another 10 days in Hospital and subsequent to discharge, she continued to suffer from pain. Shortly thereafter, she underwent a further procedure and ultimately suffered from an incisional hernia at the site of her surgical scar.

The Plaintiff contacted Orpen Franks Solicitors just before the Statute of Limitations was about to expire and we obtained expert evidence from the UK which confirmed that her injuries had been caused as a result of substandard care. In advance of the trial date, the case was successfully settled at mediation for a substantial six figure sum plus costs together with a letter of apology from the Hospital.

For more information, please contact Clare Flavin, Senior Associate, Medical Negligence Department.

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