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Last year there were almost 500 notifiable incidents in HSE Hospitals. Among the list of notifiable incidents were numerous deaths which arose due to misdiagnosis and medical error. In addition, the list included incidents where patients sustained serious injuries as a result of falls and / or absconding from healthcare facilities.

More than 21% of the incidents recorded at HSE Hospitals involved a patient’s death and in this regard, the Health Service Executive has confirmed that over 106 patients died, however, they have stated that this does not necessarily mean that the deaths were due to the incident concerned and could have resulted from other factors, such as illnesses or disease.
155 deaths or serious disabilities have arisen as a result of falls while in a healthcare facility or while receiving medical intervention from a medical professional.

There were 18 cases where the patient died or suffered a serious disability after receiving the wrong diagnosis. In five cases a patient died or suffered a serious injury due to a medication error. In 11 cases a foreign object, such as swabs, needles were left in patient’s bodies following medical intervention. One patient had surgery performed on the wrong body part and another patient underwent the wrong surgical procedure. And finally there were 62 recorded infant deaths, which includes stillbirths and neonatal deaths.

Stephen McMahon, Chairman of the Irish Patient’s Association believes that tens of thousands of preventable errors are occurring within the Irish healthcare system.

If you and/or a family member believe that you have been the victim of medical negligence, please contact our specialist medical negligence solicitors who will provide you and/or your family with support, legal advice and guidance.

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