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Misdiagnosis / Delay In Diagnosis of Illness

Where a patient receives a misdiagnosis of an illness or injury, or where a condition is left undiagnosed completely the chance of the condition worsening is greater.

A misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis can result in irreversible damage to the individual concerned and may result in a poor prognosis, particularly in circumstances involving the delay in identifying a tumour or treating a child with meningitis.

Time is of the essence when dealing with a person’s health and a misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis can unfortunately result in a tragic outcome for the patient and their family.

Instances of medical misdiagnoses or delay in diagnosis resulting in a claim include:

– Errors reading an x-ray/CT scan/MRI scan
correctly and failing to identify a fracture,
tumour, blood clot
– Undiagnosed cancers such as bowel, breast,
skin, lung and colon cancer
– Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis of meningitis
resulting in potentially catastrophic injuries
and possibly death.

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Substantial Settlement for Plaintiff Following Delivery

Substantial Settlement Achieved for Plaintiff who Suffers from Sepsis and Undiagnosed Third-Degree Tear Following Delivery

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Settlement Following Undiagnosed Hysterectomy Injury

Orpen Franks Solicitors secure apology and a significant six figure settlement for Plaintiff following undiagnosed ureteric injury during the course of hysterectomy.

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