Key changes proposed under the Domestic Violence Bill 2015

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The aim of the Domestic Violence Bill 2015 is to address gaps in the current legislation, and so increase the level of protection needed by victims, including threats posed by electronic or online communication.

The Key Changes

The main changes can be summarised as follows:

  • The new legislation extends the scope of a Barring Order to cover electronic communication, which includes text, email, or social media. It prevents a Respondent from “following or communicating with the Plaintiff, including by electronic means, other than for such purposes as the court may specify”. Some forms of contact may be permitted by the court, such as making arrangements by text for access with children.
  • The Bill permits the victim to give evidence to the court by videolink if they are unable to attend court due to fear or intimidation.
  • Victims of domestic violence will be able to bring a companion or support worker into court if necessary.
  • In criminal proceedings when there is a prosecution for breach of a Barring or Safety Order, these proceedings will be held in camera, ensuring privacy for the families involved. Up to now these prosecutions were held in public.
  • The Bill is a huge step forward for victims of domestic violence, and finally moves to acknowledge the huge challenge victims are faced with, when trying to escape from violent relationships and homes. The changes finally bring a level of necessary support to victims which will hopefully make the process easier to face and to come through.

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