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Court Appointed Guardians


A Guardian ad Litem – or court appointed guardian – provides an independent voice in court to children involved in family law proceedings. The Guardian Ad Litem is an experienced and qualified person, with expertise in working with children. The person will in most cases be appointed by the Court, and has a 2-fold role:

  • To represent the voice of the child and to express the child’s wishes to the court, and
  • To advise the Court as to what the Guardian believes to be in the best interest of the child.

Public Law

A Guardian ad Litem is most commonly appointed in Child Care Cases, when the State is making application to place a child in care. Our role as solicitors is to independently provide the Guardian ad Litem with legal advice and guidance as the case progresses through court, and to represent the Guardian ad Litem in Court.

Private Family Law

If a couple involved in an Access or Custody Dispute wish to obtain the independent guidance of a Guardian ad Litem, the parties can choose to privately pay for the service. In these types of cases, usually conflict is high and couples find it hard to reach agreement. The Guardian can assist in bringing the child’s views, wishes and best interested to the attention of everyone.

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