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Claims Against Financial Advisors Or Institutions

In times of growth over-optimistic or inaccurate advice provided by financial advisers and/or financial institutions may go unchallenged.

However in recent times such advice has been questioned by individuals and businesses who have suffered a monetary loss or loss of opportunity as a result of the negligent advice.

Claims against financial advisers or financial institutions include the following:

– Failure to invest funds appropriately which did not
correlate such as investing in high risk assets with
the individuals appetite to risk or their lifestyle
– Where misleading advice or statements were
made to an individual or business resulting in a
financial loss
– Where the loss arose as a result of fraud on the
part of the financial adviser or financial

Recent Cases

Client v Accountant

Our professional negligence team are currently advising hospital consultants in relation to professional negligence against their former accountants arising from allegations of the provision of negligent advice relating to their tax affairs.

If you require further information or advice in relation to a claim against a financial adviser or financial institution please contact:

Daragh O’Donovan
Tel.:+353 1 637 6200
Email: daragh.odonovan@orpenfranks.ie

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