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Claims Against Accountants

Generally speaking, claims against accountants for professional negligence typically arise out of the following; defective taxation advice, failure and / or late failing of tax returns, negligent advice, inaccurate valuation of assets, corporate acquisitions, share valuations or property transactions. Claims are brought by either individuals and / or partnerships and / or companies who have been the victims of professional negligence.

Professional negligence claims, in particular claims against Accountants can be very complex, therefore it is crucial that you seek advice from Solicitors who specialise in this type of work. Here at Orpen Franks Solicitors LLP, our Specialist Professional Negligence Solicitors have over 15 years’ experience representing clients who have suffered loss as a result of the negligence of their accountant / financial advisors. If the actions of your Accountant / Financial Advisor fell below the standard of care to be expected and if you have suffered a loss as a result of that negligence, you may be entitled to bring a claim against your Accountant.

In order to issue proceedings against your Accountant / Financial Advisor you will need to prove that the actions of your Accountant has caused you and / or your business to suffer a loss. It is crucial in cases of professional negligence that you have as much documentation as possible to show the Court that the actions of your Accountants fell below the standard to be expected and that this directly caused your loss.

If you believe that you may have a claim against your Accountant, please contact:

Daragh O’Donovan
Tel.:+353 1 637 6200
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