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Orpen Franks Solicitors LLP has a long and distinguished history spanning over 200 years. The firm can trace its roots back to a number of different legal practices which were all originally established in the Dublin area.

Orpen & Co., Solicitors was a small family practice which was established in the mid-1800s and had an office at No. 41 North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1. This practice comprised a number of solicitors from the Orpen family and was managed by Sir Richard John Theodore Orpen. Orpen & Co. acted as solicitors to the Clerical Society, the Church Lay Association and Royal Bank of Ireland.

Sir Richard John Theodore Orpen was a distinguished practitioner and served on a number of important committees, including the Dublin Society (1810) and as secretary of the committee of association for improvement of prisons and prison discipline in Ireland (1821).

Sir Richard was President of the Law Society 1860 – 76 and was knighted in 1868.

Franks & Oulton, Solicitors was a prominent Dublin practice established in 1912 when a young solicitor named John George Oulton entered into partnership with Mr. T.C. Franks. For many years, Franks & Oulton acted as solicitors and agents for the Vernon family, one of the largest ground landlords in the Clontarf area. Their office was based at No. 21 Lower Fitzwilliam St., Dublin 2.

The name Orpen Franks Solicitors LLP arose on the merger of Orpen & Co., Solicitors with Franks & Oulton, Solicitors, in the 1960s.

In more recent times, Orpen Franks Solicitors LLP has incorporated a number of other renowned legal firms, including Tweedy & Co. Solicitors, Reeves Solicitors, and Montgomery and Chaytor Solicitors.

The firm continues to maintain its position as a top law firm in Ireland.

The knowledge and stability that comes with 200 years of practice, aligned with a dynamic and enthusiastic work force, means we can offer our clients the
expertise, experience and action they require.

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