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High Court awards damages to Plaintiff in medical negligence action

Category:All News, Medical Negligence News, News 10 Feb 2017

Thomas Hill v The Health Service Executive

The Plaintiff in this matter sought damages for both physical injuries and for the impairment in the quality of his life due to medical negligence during abdominal surgery. During the procedure, a tear was caused to occur in the Plaintiff’s left ureter which was left unrepaired and this led to the Plaintiff requiring multiple surgical procedures. The Defendant denied that the Plaintiff’s current problems (back pain) was caused by the multiple surgeries.

Mr Justice Cross in the High Court granted the Plaintiff an award of damages in the sum of €250,000 for his past and future pain and suffering and an additional sum for his loss of earnings to date and into the future. The Court found that the urologist who had performed the procedure did not have experience of dealing with a ruptured ureter. The Court held that if the tear in the ureter had been noted promptly then the Plaintiff would have benefited from the immediate insertion of a stent and would have been saved from the ordeal of the multiple surgeries. The Court therefore held the Defendant had breached its duty of care to the Plaintiff.

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